Surviving a Civil War

The prayers of a desperate woman inspired Quanuquanei A. Karmue ("Q") to pursue his life's work empowering young minds in war-torn Liberia. Only a decade ago, Liberia, on the western coast of Africa, was embroiled in a civil war that ravaged the country and claimed 250,000 lives. Q. Karmue, was a young boy when he attempted to flee the devastation with his mother, Neyor and four siblings. The family, however, encountered a group of rebel soldiers who intended to add his mother to the mounting death toll and take Q and his siblings as children soldiers.  The soldiers, mere children themselves, forced Q’s mom to choose between her life and the lives of her young children.  Unwilling to watch her children die, Neyor left them behind and marched at gunpoint into a field to be executed.

A Promise

The soldiers ordered the woman to undress and drop to her knees. With death seemingly moments away, Neyor fixed her thoughts on God, praying that if he would only spare her life, she'd spend the remainder of her days helping children like the ones that were about to kill her, children who lost their parents during the war.  "Luckily, the story didn't end there, Q’s younger sister, then 5 years old, ran behind her mother, joining her in the field. The child threw her arms around her mother just as the rebel soldiers prepared to kill her.


The little girl with the gun told Neyor it was her lucky day. She could get her clothes and leave. She didn't want to kill her with her daughter there.  Years later, the family joined Q’s father in the United States. His mother went on to become a nurse. She eventually returned to Liberia and made good on her promise by opening her home to needy children. About 44 children are housed at Christ’s Children Home Orphanage in Liberia.  Q and his Wife, Wendy went on to charter Save More Kids, Inc., California-based 501 (C)3 nonprofit organization.

Our Vision

To rebuild a nation by investing in youth empowerment!


Our Purpose

Have you ever asked yourself, “Why am I so blessed?” “Why did I survive when so many others did not?” “What purpose does God have for me in this frame work of time that is obviously an extended life?” When you’re a survivor of war, no matter what kind of war, but in this case, a senseless, needless war of mass bloodshed and destruction where innocent children are used as the weapon of choice; you listen for the answers above. And when the answers come to you, that you are here as a witness of the war you lived through, here to not only tell the story of your survival to the world, a story of courage, of cunning

and sacrifice, but most importantly a story of love, the unconditional love that saved your family’s life. You look back and see so many who left behind and could not escape and still hopelessly living in the shadows of the aftermath of war. You are suddenly pulled to realize you can’t live a gifted life doing nothing about the situation. So you find innovative ways to provide real hope for the generation that could not escape. You realize that Liberia run a greater risk of plunging into another crisis if the youth is not properly influenced by the right people and given the proper opportunity to thrive. To begin, you need to lay a solid foundation. This is why Q. Karmue and his wife Wendy created Save More Kids, Inc.

Our Work

Save More Kids, Inc. was created as a means for reaching thousands of children living with very little hope for their future. Save More Kids serves as an alternative voice for children surrounded by unfavorable conditions. Save More Kids establishes tools and opportunities by which there is a clear pathway for hope and success for children who have been subjected to extreme conditions such as war, sexual abuse, abandonment, child labor and poverty. We strive to reach children before they are unduly influenced by less-than-favorable surroundings and circumstances.


• Digging deeper and finding realistic solutions!

   We believe the most effective way to create long-term impact is by first reaching the hearts and minds of people and guiding them to grow a patriotic bond

   with their environment, community, people and country. When aid is directed strategically to empower people to become the solution to every day problems,

   realistic longer-term solutions and change is inevitable.


We have a 3 pronged approach to fixing long-term problems in Liberia:

1. Empower young people by meeting them where they are; being visible and connected with their life.

2. Mentor their hearts, connecting their minds to open their eyes to the problems that continue to cripple their environment, and future.

3. Provide them with the resources they need so that they will become a viable solution to the problems threating their communities!


Simply put, the best way to solve long-term problems is by creating an environment where the youth and the community can become major stakeholders as part of the solution to the problems they face.

Our Team

The dedicated people that make Save More Kids what it is.

SMK Board of Directors

Quanuquanei A. Karmue (Q)

SMK CEO (Co Founder)

Wendy E. Karmue

SMK Board (Co Founder)

Steven Webb

SMK Board

Sandy Morckle

SMK Board

Charles Teddington

SMK Board

SMK Regional Leaders

Edwina McGill

Regional Coordinator

(Charleston, SC)

Janice Ryan

Regional Team Leader

(Johnson City, TN)

Keith Ward

Regional Team Leader

(Sacramento, CA)

Elizabeth Johnson

Regional Team Leader

Educational Consultant

New England

Breanna Williams

Communications & PR

(Sacramento, CA)

SMK International Team, Coordinators & Directors

Neyor Karmue

Administrator (Co-Founder CCH)

Fungbeh D. Karmue

Director (Co-Founder CCH)

Anthony Kollie

SMK Liberia Director

John Derelee

Procurement Officer

Alphanso Kollie

R&D & Field Coordinator

Arthur Godwin

Outreach & Community Relations

Peter Sammie

Youth Coordinator

Rose Kollie

Medical Outreach Coordinator

Love Derelee

Event Coordinator

Jeremiah Kollie

Media Coordinator

Nundiah-Danielle Edwards

Global Educational Director